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Can we using SmartSync on Native app ?

An awesome mobile app architecture was described here with offline and sync feature : 
The App store offline data with SmartStore
Synchronization using SmartSync. 
And only example on Hybrid app, no Native.
After Searching, I only see SmartSync on Hybryd app sample. 
Can we using SmartSync on Native app ?
If not, It mean Native App only store offline, no synchronization. I think it's no reason for using salesfore :|.
If yes, please help me how to implement it on native. 
Many thanks

I believe Salesforce mobile-ios-sdk already have this feature. You can use that sdk for smartstore functionality. Hybrid app doesn't require any sdk to use smartstore. In case of hybrid app JS will sufficient.
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Thanks for your answer.
But the problem is SmartSync, I can't find any sample or guide to use SmartSync on Native (Android and Ios), while we have official example of SmartSync on Hybrid.

And I worry that SmartSync only support Hybrid app.

Anyone use SmartSync on Native SDK, please share your experience.
Thanks so much.

Native SmartSync is on our roadmap. We will release a preview around Dreamforce that will have read capabilities.