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Master-detail Relationship Option not available ?


I am trying to creat Master-Deatail Realtionship between the Account and the Order Object.
But when i clicked New Filed in ORDER object, there is no Master-detail Relationship DataType Option :(

Why ? it is not showing ?

Shyam BhundiaShyam Bhundia
Interesting...you sure you are on the Order Object and NOT the Account object? As the Account object doesnt have an option for Master-detail Relationship
Hey Shyam,

 I am pitty dam sure Man, I am in OrderObject only :( 
even the Order object also doesnt have an option for Master-detail Relationship. 

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora
I guess we can't create master-detail relationship of native object on native object. In other words native object can never be the chil in master-detail relationship.
We cannot create Master detail relationship between standard object to standard object  and standard  object to custom object.
So its not possible to create master detail relationship between Account and Order object since they are standard objects.