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Rupali PophaliyaRupali Pophaliya 

Apex Scheduled jobs stopped executing unexpectedly


We have 2 scheduled jobs which are executing hourly basis in our app. In few of our client's org, they stopped executing unexpectedly.

They are shown in Setup->Monitoring->Scheduled Jobs

But, the next scheduled run of both the jobs is null.

What can be the reason of this kind of behavior?

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora
Please send us the screenshot here. Schedule/Batch is not garunteed to execute on the time you've given. They will be in queue and when system is free they gets executed.
David "w00t!" LiuDavid "w00t!" Liu
Another thing to potentially look into is concurrent batch limits:

This will happen if the orgs are running many batches in a small time frame!

You can query the AsyncApexJob object, with respect to the Apex classID. You will get to know, when the Apex class was executed. According to that you can check, if the Job was executed or not.


Rupali PophaliyaRupali Pophaliya
Thanks all. The Apex scheduled jobs stopped working after a few iterations. It doesn't show Next Scheduled Run. In few of Client's work they are working fine. But, at few places, its stopped unexpectedly.