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praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan 

Image in RichTextArea is not displaying in VF page

Hi All,

I am strugling with this error from last 2 days. Anyone can help me pls.

Actually in my VF page i am displaying all the fields in object which includes richtextarea field. In controller i am using public without sharing. In page its displaying all the fields correctly. But its not displaying image in richtextarea field its showing image not available error. For Admin profile all the image is displaying correctly but for manager profile image is displaying only for employees who is reporting to him. Becasue those recrord only shared with him. And image is not displaying for other team members those not shared.

And the issue is not stable. Some time its loading some times not even for displaying for admin. And its differs with each brower. From the morning the image is displayed in Mozilla, IE, Safari but now it is not displaying.

Following links helped me bit but i couldn't found the solution,


Anyone met this issue before?? 

Thanks in advance.

Praveen Murugesan

Hi Praveen, the below article talks about fixing the width of the image from rich text field, so i assume that this article should be helpful in fixing your primary issue  with showing richtext are field images on VF

praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan
Hi Ramu,

Thanks for you reply. And this link fully abt width. And my issue is image is not displaying for particular records. which is not shared with loggedin user.

And using inspect element i got the link of the image and logged in as user which having manager profiel and its showing error.

See this,

As admin i am clicking


Its displaying correctly.

If as a manager i opened means its showing this error.

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suraj sood 8suraj sood 8
Hi Praveen, Did you find solution for this, I am facing same issue ?