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pintoo rajputpintoo rajput 

How can i export Attachments ?? Data loader is not working because of bulk data .any suggestion??

Did you try using the data Loader.io ? What is the issue you are facing with the export?

Check the steps to export attachments : https://dataloader.io/dealing-attachments
pintoo rajputpintoo rajput
Dear Sonam 

I have bulk Data actually i want export data that means "Attachments " from one org and import in another
so data loader failed to export data it shows only "Data export in progess" but i did not get any output after long time ,do u have any other  option for data export instead of DataLoader and dataloader.io  plz reply
Thank You   
Sabina BashukSabina Bashuk
You can export attachments using Skyvia Salesforce data loader, here's the doc link: https://docs.skyvia.com/data-integration/tutorials/export-tutorials/how-to-export-salesforce-attachments-for-specific-object.html