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chanukya reddychanukya reddy 

Not able to create email template in salesforce using custom objects .Can any please help me ?

I am trying to create custom object email template in salesorce,but it is not working.I tried merging custom object in email template it is worked the custom field is merged but it is not visible when email is sent.In salesforce, we require settargetobjectid to send mail's and get the context but it is only get the id of contact,lead and user not custom object.can any one please tell how to get the email template work in salesforce?

Please find my Email Template below with custom object 'Conference_Details_video__c':

Subject : {!User.Name} Event
When: {!Today}

VMR number: {!Conference_Details_video__c.VMR__c}

MEAURL: {!Conference_Details_video__c.MEAURL__c}

This Video Conference is scheduled from Salesforce App for Polycom RealPresence® CloudAXIS™
From where are you selecting this template in Salesforce?

This email template should be selecting when sending a mail form the custom object such that it can select the ID of the custom Object record type..

Email templates in salesforce are used to display information from the record fields onto the email being sent out such that this same template can be used across all the records without hardcoding any values..

Hope I've understood your issue correctly and the info helps!