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Rebecca AguirreRebecca Aguirre 

Can my salesforce instance to be reconnected to a MIDI Server to retreive/refresh new data?

A connection was set up previously in my same Salesforce instance where Columbia University data fed into Salesforce.  The Identity and Access Management group at Columbia exports an excel/csv file of all UNIs in the system and stores that file on a server. I believe this is still in place today. Then a MID Server fetches that file and imports the file’s content into Salesforce. The Salesforce instance is configured to work with the MID Server to fulfill the data import. It is the MID Server that no longer exists and needs to be rebuilt.  Before proceeding with continuing to use Salesforce, I just need to make sure that this can in fact be rebuilt, even if my office needs to hire an outside vendor to do so.  Is this possible?  THank you.
Yes it can, there are a number of tools you can use to do it from using the Salesforce data loader to automate the upload or using Jitterbit (http://www.jitterbit.com/solutions/salesforce-integration/salesforce-data-loader/). If the data needs to be transformed in anyway you may need to use some more advanced tools like Talend Open Studio/Informatica or get a developer to do it.