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Ant deploy error - invalid user name, password, security token

Hi I've installed force.com migration tool ant on my computer. It works fine with developer org and free enterprise editions.e.g. ant test

But when I try to login to my company enterprise sandbox, it just does not log in.

The command prompt errors out:
build.xml:15: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.

In the login history for my user in the company enterprise sandbox that's used in build.properties, i see:

Partner Product Invalid Password Java (Salesforce.com) Unknown Force.com Migration Tool 31.0 SOAP Partner 31.0

Whereas, I used the same user name and password (passwordsecuritytoken) to access data loader. They work just fine from the same computer / network.

Do you have any ideas why?
Silly question from me but the user your logging into the sandbox is an admin user? (permissions set correctly?)
Seems a little odd tho...