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Sriram MSriram M 

Problem in deploying Custom label translations from Sandbox to Production

Hi all,

I experienced this problem recently when I tried deploying a list of Custom labels along with their translations from sandbox to production.

I have created a change set in sandbox including all the Custom lables and uploaded it to the Production environment.
Then I have validated and deployed it in Production environment from Inbound change sets. All the other changes are getting reflected in production but the translations.

For each of the custom labels I have added mulitple translations which are not deployed in the production. The weird part is I already deployed some of the custom labels from sandbox to production for the first time. It went well.

Now the deployment is not updating the translations in the custom labels. Anyone here experienced the same? BTW i'm not using Force.com IDE.
Please suggest a solution for this.

Thanks in advance
When you created the changeset, did you include the Language Translation component which includes the translations for these custom labels?