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Tim FleischmanTim Fleischman 

objectTranslations/Account-en_US.objectTranslation -- Error: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id

Encountering this error when deploying full metadata structure using the Metadata API via Force.com Migration Tool and Ant scripts.
Deployment (with validation only) against the same source sandbox runs without error, but deployment against another sandbox (which is largely but not 100% in sync) is returning errors in this format for several standard objects and most custom objects.
You'll see this occur if there is a field missing.  My guess is that there is field on your Account object that has been removed (or not created) that is in your translation file.  I'd recommend comparing the field list of the Account Object to that of the translation file.
Tim FleischmanTim Fleischman

Thanks but this objectTranslation error actually happens for 3 standard and 15 custom objects - but only when deploying as a user that has a specific custom (deployment only) profile. If I modify the user to have full system admin then these objectTranslation errors do not occur.

So far Premier Support have been unable to offer any diagnosis, resolution or even useful guidance, other than insisting I try replicate the issue with change sets - which is not particularly helpful.

Did you find a way to diagnose this?

​I have this same problem now.  Everything works when my profile is System Administrator, but when I use a clone of System Administrator with all the same privileges, it fails with, "Error: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id."
Pratyush Kumar 15Pratyush Kumar 15
I'm facing a similar issue. It works fine if I try to deploy the metadata components using a system admin profile or a custom profile which is cloned manually from a system admin profile as a pre-deployment step in the same org. But, it fails if I try to deploy a custom profile (which is also cloned from system admin profile but in different org) to another org and then try to re-deploy object translations after assigning the user to this new custom profile. And, it only gives me error while deploying account and contact object translations. It works fine for any other object translations.

I've compared the metadata file for this new custom profile with System admin profile, and couldn't find much difference.

Please could you share if you were able to resolve this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Jasmine Nguyen 4Jasmine Nguyen 4
Finally I found a solution that works for me. Hopefully this will help someone.

Enable Translation Workbench
  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Translation Language Settings, and then select Translation Language Settings.
  2. On the welcome page, click Enable.