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GET method for download WSDL


I want to download wsdl file programmaticaly, using my Web JavaScript application. First I do Oauth login and get all tokens. Then I try to download WSDL file using JavaScript:

        var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
        xmlHttp.onload = function () {
        xmlHttp.open("GET", "https://ap1.salesforce.com/soap/wsdl.jsp", true);
        xmlHttp.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Bearer " + accessToken);
When this code executes I always get error :

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://ap1.salesforce.com/soap/wsdl.jsp. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin MyLocalHost is therefore not allowed access. 

I've already read about CORS. Problem is that I haven't server side application and I can't manage "Access-Control-Allow .." settings. All I have is client-side JavaScript application.
Could you suggest me how can I solve this issue?


you'll need to find a way to access the wsdl using a cors proxy. CORS_Anywhere (https://github.com/Rob--W/cors-anywhere) is available for deployment on heroku and should serve your needs.