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Apex class creation problem?

Hi Team,

I have some doubts in SFDC.Please clarify me..

1.I have a custom object Which name is Auctions. And I want to create a new custom apex class for that. I created new apex class
name auction_apex which standardController is  Auctions. But I can see this error when I am trying to save, "Auction does not exist.".
But it is working the standard controller may be  Account or Product.Is there any problem in custom objects?

2.Actually I have to create a shopping cart application in SFDC. I can see some products and its pricing packages in SFDC home page.
Is there any built in shopping cart product in SFDC?How can I use without the help of a developer?
1. Custom object names end with '__c'. Try Auction__c.

2. Please check if following appexchange products meet your requirement.
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2. These products are external products.right?not in SFDC.Is there any product selling system inside the SFDC?
Hi Binu

These products are built on SFDC platform by various vendors. Salesforce does not provide any eCommerce solution.
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Thanks for the reply. I have one doubt also could you please check this http://www.salesforce.com/data/overview/
Here under Editions and pricing we can see some packages and its description.Let me know what does it mean?
It is regarding data.com. It says that you have the option to select data.com features according to your need and just pay for the same.