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Joseph DindingerJoseph Dindinger 

Need help understanding the "Maximum simultaneous requests" governor limit

Can somebody answer this question related to the governor limit: "Maximum simultaneous requests to URLs with the same host for a callout request" = 20

In the note for the limit, it says: "The host is defined by the unique subdomain for the URL, for example, www.mysite.com and extra.mysite.com are two different hosts. This limit is calculated across all organizations that access the same host. If this limit is exceeded, a CalloutException will be thrown."

QUESTION: Is this saying that if we build out an integration to maps.google.com, for example, and have 21 users do a call to their api at the same time, that the 21st person to try to call the Google maps api will fail? 

Not, just the 21st person in my organization, but IN ALL of Salesforce.com Orgs?

I really hope I'm reading this wrong because we're looking to build out an integration that will hopefully have many more than 20 consecutive callouts at any one time...

Thank you!