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Binu 8Binu 8 

App sharing problem

Hi Team,
I have created a App in SFDC and created custom objects in there. And I have added 5 users.How can they access this app and Objects.They want to add
data using that custom objects.I logged in as a different user.But I did'nt see any thing related to my app.Is there any permission problem?
Hi Binu 8 

You would need to edit the profiles of those 5 users and grant them permissions for:
  • App
  • Tabs
  • Objects (Create, Read, Update, Delete) 
  • Fields 
Then only they can see your app and objects. 

Here is some more info: https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=admin_userprofiles.htm
Binu 8Binu 8
Thanks for the reply.But how can I give the permissions to custom objects.When I am trying to edit the user profile
the custom object's permission check box(read,create,edit,delete) is disabled.How can I select that check box?
You might be trying to edit a Standard profile. Standard profiles cannot be edited. Use the clone-button on the profile to clone the profile, you can then edit it, and assign your new profile to the users. 

Binu 8Binu 8

I did the clone from standard user to custom user.Now I can edit the custom object permission check boxes.But the problem is not solved.I checked the tab permission also.Its default value is on.I have a custom object name "Auction".I give full permission to users for this object.In my SFDC I can see a tab which name is Auction.But my users didn't see anything related  that.Then click the add tab option.But the Auction object is missing there.Let me know what will be the problem?