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Anudeep BAnudeep B 


Failed to create createContainerMember for containerId=1dc900000009PrAAAU: This container member belongs to a container that currently has an unfinished save request with deploymentId=1dr90000000yACy. You may not modify any members in this container until it completes.: Metadata Container ID.

I got this Error While I am trying to Execute My Simple Program. What is it mean, and What is solution for it.
Pavan DavePavan Dave
Try this:
containerId = '1dc900000009PrAAAU';
Garrett KlausnerGarrett Klausner
I know this may be a  little late, but check this out: http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/20775/failed-to-create-deployment-this-container-has-a-save-in-progress-with-deployme