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Hi All,

When email to case is enabled , our email service address created was " anjualexander1989@4-1lss22aleeyhnlqon33sktdfpmookzg7iuc495x6igrmzgtabh.9-wjfmeay.ap1.case.salesforce.com ". So how to make it a proper email address.means short
Create a email forward rule from a regular email address that you want to use to this email address provided by salesforce

You cannot short it directly ..Rather you can use email forwarding to me it simplified from end user perspective.

As per example you can have an email  support@myCompany.com , then the mail coming to this email can be forwarded to the nasty SFDC long email Id, So that end customer don't need to remember long email Id.

Dinesh Nasipuri
Anju Alexander 5Anju Alexander 5
Hi Kulkanitk and Nasipuri,

Thanks for helping.