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Hi friends,

I m doing Pupup box messages with the of jquery:
if (confirm("Does the School Have 1 Camp OR 2 Camps  !") == true)
       x = "Camp 2!";
       alert("This School has 2 follow Up Camps :"+x);
        $("[id$=submit3]").attr("checked", false);
        x ="Camp 1!";
            alert("This School has 1 Follow Up Camp :"+x);
Every time It will show the message ater i click on save bUTTON.

In that I want:

Once i m selecting ok button on popup box then dont show repedatly pupup messages after click on save button.

You'll need to set a property to indicate you have already answered the question.  How you do this depends on how your page works.  If its something that has to be answered once over the lifetime of the record, you should store it on the record and check the value in the JavaScript.  If it something that has to be answered for each edit "session" the user carries out (i.e. save keeps them on the same page and allows more edits) you could store this in a controller property or a JavaScript variable.