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Radhika pawar 5Radhika pawar 5 

I want yes/No alerts using jQuery, instead of ok/Cancel button

I want to change button name which is presented in popupbox.
If ok and cancel button presented in popupbox then i wan to rename yes and no using jquery.

please guid me

Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team

Please refer to the following link thi smay help you.


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Grazitti Team
Radhika pawar 5Radhika pawar 5
     if ({!last_submission == 0}) {
        $(".submission_1").parent().css('background', '#92d050');
        $(".submission_12").parent().parent().css('background', '#92d050');
        $("[id$=submit1]").attr("checked", false);

      if ({!last_submission == 1}) {
        $(".submission_2").parent().css('background', '#00b0f0');
        $(".submission_22").parent().parent().css('background', '#00b0f0');
        $("[id$=submit2]").attr("checked", false);    
      var x;
     if (confirm("Does the School Have 1 Camp OR 2 Camps  !") == true)
       x = "Camp 2!";
       alert("This School has 2 follow Up Camps :"+x);
        $("[id$=submit3]").attr("checked", false);
        x ="Camp 1!";
            alert("This School has 1 Follow Up Camp :"+x);
           $("[id$=submit3]").attr("checked", true);//submission_2B


This is My code ok cancel button i want to use ok=camp2 and cancel= camp1        
plz guide me.