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Invoice amount different from opportunity amount?

Hi All,
We are a Market research company where we create survey and charge customer for the number of survey complete. "Survey Respondents" is the name of the product.
Now Price of "Survey Respondents" for 1000 complete is 500$. But we only able to provide 970 complete.
Currently in salesforce we need to set prize for every product. How we will be able to work in this senario.
Either through a third party App or any development. Not sure how we can proceed with this. Need a urgent help and suggestion.

Samuel Gonsalves
Does it make sense if you price the products as per survey basis. For example 50cents per complete survey?
Samuel Gonsalves 8Samuel Gonsalves 8
Survey resposdent - is one single product. We charge based on product. One survey respondent is sub divided into 1000 survey. I mean we agree we charge for 1000 survey. but when we wont able too and can get around 950 or 960 etc lesser than expected(i:e 1000) then we have to charge less for the same.
Perhaps, storing the number of completed survey in  a field and using this field to update Opportunity-Product via trigger should do it for you.
Samuel Gonsalves 8Samuel Gonsalves 8
Can you please help me out with the trigger doing the same.