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Bob NagyBob Nagy 

Can you query for Task Notification Settings in Winter 15

With Winter 15 SF chnaged the Task Notification model to allow the task assignee rater than task creator to control whether an email notice is sent.  Does anyone know if a given user's Task Notification setting is available anyplce that can be queried in Apex.  I assumed it would be a new attribute on the User object but could not find anything there.
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Bob,

You can refer to the release notes. The Winter'15 is now available in Sandbox.

Bob NagyBob Nagy

Thanks but that is not helpful.  I checked the release notes and the W15 version of the data model documentation before posting (as everyone should).  Your response now makes it look as if somone replied to the question from the summary perspective and is now less likely to be viewed by someone who might actually know the answer.