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harshad kokateharshad kokate 

how to link the custom setting list to the vf pages

scenario is as follows

Create a list custom setting named “Country”.  Create four records of this custom setting:
1.      Name  =  India
2.      Name  =  France
3.      Name  =  Italy
4.      Name  =  USA
Create another list custom setting named “City”. Add a field “Country” of data type  text on this custom setting.

Create following records of this custom setting:

1.      Name =  New Delhi,  Country = India
2.      Name = Mumbai,  Country = India
3.      Name = Pune,  Country = India
4.      Name = Kolkata,  Country = India
5.      Name = Ney York, Country = USA
6.      Name = Miami, Country = USA
7.      Name = Washington DC, Country = USA
8.      Name = Paris, Country = France
9.      Name = Lyon, Country = France
10.   Name = Milan, Country = Italy
11.   Name = Rome, Country = Italy

Create a Visual Force page. This page should display two picklists, one for Country and another for City. Initially city picklist should not display any value; instead it should be dependent upon Country picklist. So when user selects a particular country then City picklist should load all the cities corresponding to the selected country.
Hope this article helps http://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?id=000003862&language=en_US