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R CampbellR Campbell 

How do I restore my Developer Org to original condition?

I have some old objects from a time when I went through the force.com workbook that are preventing me from using the new release workbook. I want to remove all of my previous work and start over, how can I do that?
I don't think it is possible at this point. There is already an idea at the link below

R CampbellR Campbell
Error message when trying to install Warehouse application package, which I belive is because of the old version of this that i have that had errors and I no longer need or want. The only newer packages I have installed ar for a call center which I would gladly re-install to remove the older stuff.

Duplicate RelationshipName
Custom Field Definitions
The relationship name "Line_Items__r" is already used by custom field Line_Item__c.Merchandise__c. Please rename existing relationship name.
Hi Ronald, the only best way would be to create a new developer org and start over again as there is no direct way to reset the old org.
Preeti LalwaniPreeti Lalwani
You can use a tool like Flosum (http://www.flosum.com) to migrate Saleforce metadata (http://www.flosum.com) out from your current org to another. Then, you can manually delete all the configurations from that org.