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Jay KanchanaJay Kanchana 

Join Report data Extract

Dear Salesforce wizards,

I need to create a data extract that has data from 4 objects using a join column. In SQL it can be achieved using an easy join. I am lost in SFDC! 
What I have tried -
Join report -Does not work because I can not download the data
forceExplorer - Does not work because it does not allow where clause
vlookup in excel - does not work because the data set is huge and freezes my computer

I am hopin there is an easy way (or a tool) to write SOQL and get this join report. My last resort will be to dump the excel data in to access and create a report. 

Is there any other option?
Chris ShadeChris Shade

Here are two possible options:

Go to Setup -> Create -> Report Types and you should be able to create a report the spans 4 objects (granted they are all connected).  I was able to do this my self.

Otherwise, you can run an SOQL query using their join alternative documented in the link below:


To run an SOQL query I'd recommend using http://www.dataloader.io.  You'll want to select an Export, then pick any object (you'll be overriding it in a minute so it doesn't matter) and on Step 2 there is a place to write an SOQL query.


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