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Brendan DunhamBrendan Dunham 

Connecting a hyperlink on a record to an edit VF page

I am working with a database and would like to be able to connect a hyperlink to a custom edit page. Currently my biggest issue is not connecting the hyperlink to an edit page, but having the controller filter through the data and only display the information related to the hyperlink when loading the edit page. To be more specific the hyperlink is just a Name field within the database I have on my main page, once you click on a certain name you would like to edit, it should direct you to the edit page displaying the information only related to the Name hyperlink in which you clicked on. And to restate my problem: I am confused on what to put in the controller or my VF pages to only show the information related to that Name. And to make this more complicated the edit page has to be a custom VF page because I need to be able to add buttons and what not. It cannot be the standard edit page given to you by Salesforce since that cannot be edited with Visualforce. Please help.
Brendan DunhamBrendan Dunham
This si what I have on my main VF page,

<apex:outputLink value="{!w.Name}/wellEdit?retURL=%2Fa{!w.Name}">{!w.WellLocName__c}</apex:outputLink>

How do I get my "Edit" VF page to read in the URL to be able to distinguish wihich record it is editting?