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Radian6 Engagement Console Salesforce add-in gets error installing

Hello friends, hopefully someone in here will help me.  I'm using the Radian6 Engagement Console and I get the following error:


Has anyone install it successfully ? thanks
Joseph BadamoJoseph Badamo
Hey Solees - I am experiencing the same issue! Did you ever find out a resolution to this? How has your experience been with the Radian6/Service Cloud integration? Seems to be a bit of a mess to me, I'm chugging through it though. Any insight/tips for this?  Thank you!
Eric Wartelle 9Eric Wartelle 9
I don't know if you're still experiencing the same issue but the error message means you are using a modified radian6 engagement console plugin. You can contact the radian6 technical support and ask them to let you use customize plugin. I modified a plugin myself and they enable custom plugin for my org really quickly.
Joseph BadamoJoseph Badamo
I actually decided to utilize Salesforce Social Studio instead of the Radian6 Engagement Console to integrate Social to Service Cloud. Thanks though!