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Formula field to capture date when Type is changed?

I would like to create a formula field that captures the date in which we can capture the date in which Account type is changed to 'Customer'? 
Basically history date.

Is there a work around to do this?

Thank you!!!
Chris ShadeChris Shade
Hey Tech Learner,

I'm not sure you want a formula field, I think you want a Workflow Rule with a field update.  You'd create a custom date field that want to use to timestamp when the Account type is changed.  Then you create a Workflow Rule that triggers a Field Update. 

For the Workflow Rule you'll want to select, "Run this rule if the following: FORMULA EQUALS TRUE" and your formula will be something like "ischanged( Account_Type__c )".

Then on the Field Update you'd again use a formula to set the newly created TimeStamp field to Today().


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