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Ravi NarayananRavi Narayanan 

Angular JS + Visualforce [SPA]

Hi Guys,

I was going thru some of the materials for Angular JS and find it very helpful in implementing some functionalities like Filter, table sorting etc.  But is it possible to develop a complete SPA App in Salesforce ? 

Can someone give more information on what are the functionalities that can be acheived using Angular JS in VF pages? 



ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ravi,

These links should help:

Ravi NarayananRavi Narayanan
Thank you Shashank.. Let me go thru it 
Yago CeballosYago Ceballos
Hi team, 
My customer is having this issue since the last release and nobody has been able to give me a response. Does anyone know how I can help them?

The problem that arises from the private website:
Currently from Liberbank, to be able to embed the chat from your private website, we created an "Integrated Service Implementation" record, called Private Chat Web. This implementation, as you know, generates a standard code to be able to embed in the web you want and thus be able to launch Live Agent from any web page. This code, added to a visualforce or HTML page, works correctly.
We have generated this same service for the public website, called "Public Web Chat", working correctly from the Liberbank public website today.
As for the private website, the script that is generated by default, is invoked from an application with Angular.js and Node.js.
Initially, when developing the project and uploading it to production the first time, everything worked correctly, but since the last Salesforce release, the following invocation fails:
function invokeSnapIns () {
            if (embedded_svc! == 'undefined') {
                embedded_svc.onHelpButtonClick (); -> This function fails because it says that embbeded_svc.onHelpButtonClick (); it is "Undefined", even if we check it.
It is that specific function that fails , and reviewing the standard Salesforce js, embeddedservice / 5.0 / esw.min.js, I can't see the error . We would have to check if the error in that specific function is due to something related to permissions or authentication from Salesforce.
I still leave you the script code that we pass to the people of Private Web so that they embed in their web. This code as is in a visualforce or html page works, but it is not so from node.js. "