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Catch block coverage in test class

I have a class where I am using exception handling, but my test class is not covering the exception block.

try {
              dbAccountUpdateResult = Database.update(mapAccount.values());
              dbContactUpdateResult = Database.update(mapContact.values());
     catch (DMLException e)
        UTIL_LoggingService.logDmlResults(dbAccountUpdateResult,null, null , null, CLASSNAME, METHODNAME, null);
        UTIL_LoggingService.logDmlResults(dbContactUpdateResult,null, null , null, CLASSNAME, METHODNAME, null);

Here "UTIL_LoggingService" is my class which is used for exception handling and "logDmlResults" is my method name.
I would create a test case to force Database.update() to fail, such as not providing a value to a required field, or something like that.