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can we use third party API for language translation for live agent

Hi Folks,

I got one of the requirement for my client , I have to congigure live agent for my customer website and by default it will support for english language but where I have to provide language translation for the end user based on his brower (it may chinese,spanish etc..)

But I should have to use third party API to translate language to show their own language on the chat window to the enduser while chatting with salesforce Agent.

For the language Translation : I have some API which will do translation and give it to me .

Gaurav NirwalGaurav Nirwal
Providing a compatible chat solution shouldn’t be complicated. Our open architecture allows you to integrate live chat with the most complex systems already existing in your organization as well as custom in-house software.

Data can be pushed directly from our servers to your email, CRM systems, knowledge-bases  ticketing systems, shopping carts and e-commerce platforms for easy sharing. Our interfaces use standard XML-based web services to provide complete platform independence.

Our open API can be accessed through standard SOAP and RESTful interfaces. Velaro leverages the built-in capabilities of your web browser and can communicate with any third-party system using standard internet protocols.
Irene YangIrene Yang
Hi Matthews, 
May I learn further about the API you are using for the translation of Live Agent? Thank you.