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Salesforce 1 Mobile Printing

Hello friends, does anyone knows or have an idea how to print a page from Salesforce 1 / Android ?

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This was my solution:

Send attachments to gmail address and inside the android app you have the option to print.  It's not the best one, but it worked.

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Not close to what i'm looking for. I'm trying to print from Salesforce 1 (webpage) and send the information to a bluetooth printer. I think this one is hard. Regards
Good Afternoon, 

Have you had any luck at all with this? I'm trying to do the same thing. I need to print a slip out of Salesforce1 to a Star Micronics bluetooth printer, but have had no success making it work. 

I have also attempted to use the Star WebPRNT package by creating a VF page that references the javascript for the WebPRNT, then exposing the VF page via Sites so that the WebPRNT browser can see it. The printer seems to get a message when I run it, but it appears to only start and stop and doesn't print what it should. 

Here is a link to what they offer. http://www.starmicronics.com/support/mannualfolder/en/index.htm

If you've had any success thus far, please let me know. 
Casa OnSite, I had to do a work around for this achivement.  

I had to print on a o'neil bluetooth printer but Salesforce 1 cannot print since it's a Web solution that cannot connect to that hardware capabilities without the drivers.  

Option 1 was build a custom app with salesforcemobileSDK with o'neil drivers.

Option 2 download the o'neil test app from the google play store. <-- this won

From Salesforce 1 I send an email with the attachment of what I have to print, browse it inside o'neil app and print it.  It worked.  The oneil app has the needed driver to connect to the printer.

Hope it helps you.

This was my solution:

Send attachments to gmail address and inside the android app you have the option to print.  It's not the best one, but it worked.
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