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how to create report using visualforce page:


I want to craete a custom report using visualforce page .and also want to some calculation in that custom report.

is there any way for calculation like( multiply ,substraction,and division) apat from summation
This SFDC document might be help you.

Mudit GargMudit Garg

The SFDC does not provide the facility to do calculations on the VF page for reports.

Best practice to solve the issue:
  1. Do a calculation on the custom report.
  2. Fetch the report in the VF page by using the below code:
<analytics:reportChart reportId=”00Oxxxxxxxxxxxx”></analytics:reportChart>
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Mudit Garg

Syed Noormohamad 14Syed Noormohamad 14
HI Mudit garg.

After tring your code I am getting  these error.

This developer name is invalid. Provide the developer name for the report that contains the chart.....

How to fix it?