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How to authenticate a user without the user knowing

We're developing an application for a client where Salesforce is providing functionality to a web application--but the web application's users can't know Salesforce exists in the solution.  We want each of the users to exist on both the web application AND Salesforce so Salesforce can maintain security.

So the challenge is, how can the web application login its users to Salesforce?  The OAth seems to require a user's participation, but it looks like SAML might be able to swing it--but that requires the web application handle SAML requests.

Is there anything simpler that does not require usernames and passwords?

In a perfect world, the web application could create a session for a user knowing only the user's username (or federation id) on Salesforce, and perhaps a client id and secret.
Navee RahulNavee Rahul

does the user will login in any one system??

what kind a operation does the user needs to do in salesforce??.


The user will login to the customer's web application with a username and password, and authenticated there.

Salesforce will perform some basic crud operations on a single object on the user's behalf and send some emails.  The client will be getting lists of the objects, creating them, deleting them, etc., all through a REST interface.