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unable to create socket exception from PI while doing a lookup

hi all,

While my SAP colleage was trying to do a SOAP call from XI Server,an error pops up as below:

'com.sap.aii.af.ra.ms.api.RecoverableException: unable to create a socket: java.io.IOException: unable to create a socket'. Cause Exception: 'unable to create a socket

can anyone please help me out on this?
is there a need to open up any firewall?if yes then how?

Please assist ASAP
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
This could be a network/firewall related issue. Please check your network/proxy/firewall. Also, check in salesforce if the SAP integration user shows a successful login under login history, just to confirm that it did not reach salesforce.
Michel De KimpeMichel De Kimpe
  How can I find out the SalesForce ip address / port ?
  I only have a SF trial account for the moment.
  You mention a SAP Integration User, can't I login (to SF) via PI with my SF user or should this be created (SAP Integration User).

SFDC coderSFDC coder

Here are some answers to your queries:

1.Salesforce has a wide range of IP address. Hence when it comes to integration, the external system has to whitelist those IP ranges so that the connectivity is established between salesforce and the external system

2.You can certainly loginto salesforce via PI with your own salesforce user account. But i'll recommend that you set up a separate user for your external system to access salesforce

Neha Patil