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How to add component attributes in Dashboards

I have a requirement where I need to show weather in the dashboards using API. I am able to accomplish the requirement. I have created a text field called City Name where when user gives the city name and hits the button it will show weather of that particular city.

But now I want add a component attribute in the dashboard by clicking edit-->wrench, where I want to give the text field and user can fill in the City name here rather than user typing the City name in the VF page text field.

Please any suggestions.
Can you put snapshot of what you looking for? Do you want to implement VF Component which has an attribute? Not able to understand!
anilkallamadi kallamadianilkallamadi kallamadi
 Hi Sumit,

Please find the attached screen shots and let me know if I am still not able put my point across properly.

Screen Shots for the Weather API and Custom component attribute in DashboardUser-added image
I think, you need to build VF component and add it on pages as report! Also try to use VF charting APIs to get similar charts as that of the ones in reports. I don't think this is possible with standard functionality.