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Do we need to install the Data Loader for using it from command line ?

Hi Team , 

I have a quick question. Do I need to install the APEX data loader ? Can't I use the dataloader-25.0.1-uber.jar directly ?  One more thing , Can we set up it in UNIX. 

Thanks . 
Sagar PareekSagar Pareek
Steps to follow:

1. Install Java (JDK) in Unix. Create JAVA_HOME in Unix. The append the JAVA_HOME/bin to your PATH variable in Unix.

2. Copy Dataloader.jar to your Unix from Windows.

3. Create a shell script for encrypt.sh and put it in a particular folder.

Try running it and troubleshoot in case of problems. Then finally encrypt using your password using key.txt.

4. Then try running the shell script created by CLIq in unix.

Balaji BondarBalaji Bondar
Hi Ankit,

You will have to install the Dataloader.Find complete steps at below link :https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Using_Data_Loader_from_the_command_line

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