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Is it possible to Forward an email from SFDC to 3rd party system with attachments? Advise me in right Way.

We do get emails with or with out attachments (payment confirmations details ) from the clients, to our email to case routing emails address that generates the case. And our advisers will print that emails attachments and copy the body of email in separate sheet print it out and scan the copies and send that to Payment allocation 3rd Party system. We want to avoid the manual process and forward that email to our 3rd party system with or with out attachments and close the case with some closer reason and change the owner to user. My Question is is it possible to Forward email with attachment to 3rd party email address. If any one Knows please helpe me.
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Couple of ways to achieve this:
1.The emails which are recieved through E2C get stored as Activities in Salesforce - if you wish to forward these emails to a 3rd party you will have to first save the attachments to the Notes and attachments secton of th case(which doesn't happen aotomatically) once done you can then forward the task(email is a task) to the 3rd party and include the attachments from the related list.

2.You can also create your own email service in apex such that it accepts emails with attachments form clients and forward to 3rd party 

3. Forward the email from your e2c routing address directly to the 3rd party and Salesforcenat the same time - manage these similar kind of requests through a record type and close these new created cases in Salesforce by filtering them out as per the record type and close them out.

On the 3rd Point can we able to forward those emails with attachment directly to 3rd party email address. We want to automate this process and close the case in SFDC, We need case to created for our MI reports for audit purpose. But we dont do anything on SFDC on this process.
Sindhu Nagabhushan 6Sindhu Nagabhushan 6
Hi Suresh,

We have a similarr requirement and i am unnable to get the code working. Please provide sample code if you have this code up and running.
Thanks in advance.