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Change page layout based on a selected field

I'm trying to create a case page layout that will only open when people select a certain field.(I'm in marketing so we have internal customers such as Product Managers and Sales) 
For instance, when a Product Manager has a marketing request he/she will go to cases select a field that says "Marketing Request", this in turn would change the normal case page to a marketing case page that asks specific questions that only pertain to marketing requests.
How would I go about doing this?

RamuRamu (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi You can do this through record types. The below post might answer your question

Thank you Ramu,
The problem with that link is that you end up with multiple record types...
I would like to do a "If you select this____" then open these other fields.
Geoffrey J FlynnGeoffrey J Flynn
Hi MikeyO,

Ramu is right on this.  The reason why is that the page does not re-render when you are inputting values, it only reviews the inputs on save so you can't have a standard page all of a sudden change layouts until you hit the save button.  On save, if you change the record type, you can now change the page layout and add field.  
Multiple record types are not difficult to maintain, and you can limit which types users can create originally through security, so that they would still only have the option to create one type, it would just change to a second type on save.  You can even hide the record type name from users so that they don't know it's happening.
Companies ask for this quite a bit, and this is the standard solution that is available.
Your other option is visualforce which you can force to re-render prior to a save, but that is a lot of maintenance.