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Ajith Anand2Ajith Anand2 

How to restrict the data according to the dimension of the table in VF page as PDF

Please consider the following scenario and help me with a probable solution:
I am rendering a VF page into a pdf. At a pre-defined location on the page, there is a <table> (using apex:repeat) with specific dimensions. Also, there are other details which are exposed, both, above and below the table.
Now, let us suppose there is a column, say 'description' in the table. If the data in that column exceeds the height of the table, the remaining data should be printed on the next page, along with the rest of the records, at the specified table location, with the same details above and below the table.
I believe Pagination can be used to restrict the number of records using CSS "page-break-after:always" and some code updates in the controller. But in this scenario, I want to restrict the data according to thedimension of the table.

sample image
Any assistance to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Navee RahulNavee Rahul
Hi Ajith,

you cant unless you trim your description  descrption.substring(0,100) something like that.

D Naveen Rahul.
prashant sikarwarprashant sikarwar
Hi Ajith,

Please post your code