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Siddharth MSiddharth M 

iPhone Mobile App: Redirect user to salesforce home page(https://ap1.salesforce.com) after custom login

Hi ,
We have implemented the custom salesforce login in our iPhone application, its working and we are getting a response like below format
"access_token" = "00D90000000zlFl!AQ8AQPivkCx4kUOaZfqjBLjH12CTy6wqV6SOx2FI99jsgdq3cE8Odnq7DGwUD7iP2CbleouktLET0EOgg10lf4qHG5Yzz6nI";
    id = "https://login.salesforce.com/id/00D90000000zlFlEAI/00590000003LHDxAAO";
    "instance_url" = "https://ap1.salesforce.com";
    "issued_at" = 1415788230586;
    signature = "QVL28zZsPewgtfcyh61hVZNx+REHrJ50jLlkzl8PP8A=";
    "token_type" = Bearer;

Once user is loggedIn we wanted to redirect him to salesforce home page (https://ap1.salesforce.com), so we have analysed and understnad that after custom login is sucess we need to load the "https://ap1.salesforce.com" URL in iPhone webview with the following cookies: sid & sid_Client.
I believe sid means access_token from the above response.
Can you pelase let us know how to get the sid_Client from the custom login service response.
You should use the Mobile SDK which will handle the whole login flow and will take the user to the home page you want.

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Keith SchaeferKeith Schaefer
Did you ever figure out the sid_client cookie?  I'm having a similar problem that seems to be tied to that cookie missing.