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Problem with Formula Fields in an APEX Trigger - can they be used?

I created the trigger below, which is set to fire when this field ccrz__TotalAmount__c is greater than zero and the origin equals website. The ccrz__TotalAmount__c is a formula and the debug log shows it is greater than $0, but it's still not firing the method. The trigger is an after update, so I figure the formula field would work. Any ideas? 

The other problem is all of the currency fields are either summary roll ups or formulas, so no matter which one I use I face the same problem. 

trigger TermsandConditionsFutureMP on ccrz__E_Order__c (after update) {
   System.debug('TC Start execution of trigger');
   String myString1 = 'Website'; 
       for (ccrz__E_Order__c order:trigger.new){
           ccrz__E_Order__c orderUpdate = System.Trigger.oldMap.get(order.id);
           if (orderUpdate.origin1__c != order.origin1__c){
               if (order.ccrz__TotalAmount__c > 0 && myString1.equalsIgnoreCase(order.Origin1__c)){
                  System.debug('TC trigger is after');
                  TermsandConditionsFutureMP.createTermsandConditionsMP (Trigger.newMap.keySet());
   System.debug('TC trigger has been executed');
RamuRamu (Salesforce Developers) 
Changes in formula field are not considered as DML events hence the trigger wont fire with the changes in formula field.