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Mike McG.ax1035Mike McG.ax1035 

DataLoader CLI issue with SOQL query with

When I run the following SOQL query inside of the process-conf.xml it fails with no error, however if I run it from th DataLoader UI it works fine:

Select  Name, AccountNumber, Industry, CreatedDate, LastModifiedDate,Region__c, Corporate_Name__c, Customer_Currency__c  FROM Account WHERE  LastModifiedDate < TODAY (This will make the process fail)

If I subsitute the last line with:
LastModifiedDate = TODAY (equals instead of less than works fine)
Here's the kicker.. the less than < or greateer than > works fine if launched from the Dataloader UI!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



Since process-conf.xml is an XML doc, you have to escape < and >.
Use &lt; for < and &gt; for >

following is the list of XML escape chars.

"  &quot;
'  &apos;
<  &lt;
>  &gt;
&  &amp;