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Kristin McCownKristin McCown 

Need to create a rule

We are creating a campaign in hubspot but before we start that we need to create a rule in salesforce that is looking at the "last activity" date and "lead record type." One thing I do know is that hubspot does not sync with any dynamic fields.

In this campaign we want to send an email to any contact who has had no activity in salesforce for 2 weeks.

I was working with Sarah Reyes and she has sent me here. I hope you can help!
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
I suppose you will have to create a field in Contact object which can first store the last activity date such that you can compare the date with this field to find out if the last acitivity happened within 2 weeks or not.(you can update this field by creating a trigger on Task such that it updates this field when a contact is linked to the task being created)

Once this field is updated, you can check if you can setup a workflow such that it sends a mail to contact if the last actiivty date > last 14 days.