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PKB doesn't work on sites with a URL rewriter

I'm working on a project with a Force.com site that also uses the PKB (from the AppExchange).  I'm finding that PKB is using some undocumented Sites mechanism with the /articles/ folder to render articles when they are viewed.  This seems to fall flat on it's face with a 404 Page Note Found if the Site hosting the PKB is configured to use a URL Rewriter.  This happens even if the URL Rewriter has no rules/code that would touch or overlap the /articles/ folder.

Anyone hit this?  Trying to keep the customer's Site on a single Site config to preserve the login session for authenticated users.

The PKB documentation doesn't specifically say you can't use a URL rewriter, but rather, seems to have a copy/paste snippet from the Sites documentation.  https://appexchange.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=00P3000000HCTKdEAP 
Hi Paul,

Is thi resolved. Could you help me in situation where feedback component is not working on standard for Portals ?? any thoughts on this, for article urls ?
We scrapped it. We will probably implement chatter answers or something fully custom, instead.
For those looking in on this later, I wanted to note that Chatter Answers ALSO requires the creation of another Force.com Site separate from the main website you'd be maintaining.  If you want to leverage the same header and footer, you'll either have to hard-code all your navigation links or double all of the FDC Sites configuration (permissions, page settings, etc.).

At this point, all I can say is that Salesforce is proving really good at building disjointed products based on teh same data model, but not really good at delivering solutions that allow a serious company to implement them in a fully blended manner (without a disproportionate level of administrative configuration).