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Action Status not working with Remote Action Methods

Hi all,

I am calling a remote action function in the apex:commandLink and trying to show the action status as long as this execution happens...but could not...is there any solution for this? below is the code...

<apex:outputPanel layout="block">
                            <apex:actionStatus stopText="" id="myStatus">
                                <apex:facet name="start">
                                    <img src="/img/loading.gif" title="Please Wait..." />
                                     <span class="waitingDescription">Loading...</span>
<apex:commandLink style="text-decoration:none;color:blue" value="Delete" onClick="return deleteActionHistory('{!dh.Id}')"  status="myStatus"/>

function deleteActionHistory(dhid){ 
            recordId = dhid;
            if(confirm('You are about to delete the last action history.')){
            Visualforce.remoting.Manager.invokeAction('{!$RemoteAction.controller.deleteId}',dhid,function(result, event){
                        if(result == 'Time expired'){
            return false;


R - Manu
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Can you explain what exactly is the behavior you are seeing? May be with a screenshot if possible?