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Charline MitchenerCharline Mitchener 

knowledge:categorylist - display in a list not select/drop down

I am trying to work out how to display data categories in a list on my side bar.

I found the below code in the Visualforce Guide and it works great, but I don't want the 'select/drop down' method, I want it to display in a list, can someone let me know how to change it to a listing instead? - 

<select name="category"> <knowledge:categoryList categoryVar="category" categoryGroup="product" rootCategory="phone" level="-1"> <option value="{!category.name}">{!category.label}</option> </knowledge:categoryList> </select>
Hii charline,
                   use like this  
<select name="category">
    <knowledge:categoryList categoryVar="category" categoryGroup="Transportation_Asset_Management_TAM" rootCategory="All" level="-1">
        <option value="{!category.name}">{!category.label}</option>

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