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Jyosi jyosiJyosi jyosi 

Assigning multiple Task to multiple users through Apex code

Hello Everyone,

I have a visual force ,where the users selects contact records and it create a task for the owner or if specify another owner ID in the code.
Here I am have 4 teams,
Need to assign task based on the workload
Suppose if the first task is assigned to one user of first team and another task creates it should assign to 2 user in first team.
How can achieve this? If they are any work around could you please suggest me

PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Jyo,

I have some guidelines which will help you.

Here is the appexchange unmanaged package: 

You can check this app and tweak it's code to fit in to your requirement.

Hope this will help you!