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Carolina SantamaríaCarolina Santamaría 

How can I use the field "standard price" in a pricebookentry for a formula field in the same object?


I need to be able to update several price lists just by changing one price for a list of products. For example, I have a list for payments with credit card and I want to calculate the credit card price by adding a percentage to the standard price. 

I tried creating a formula field in "PriceBookEntry" that would look like this:

Credit_Card _price = (CC_percentage + 1)*StandardPrice

But I could not find the standardprice field available in the edit formula page. 

Is there another way of achieving this?

Thank you,
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Carolina,

Use field "List Price" (API Name: UnitPrice). 

So Your formula will be:

Credit_Card _price = (CC_percentage + 1)*UnitPrice


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