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Standard Salesforce Calendar Enhacement..

Hi Developers,

I got one requirment regarding calendar in salesforce.

I want functionaly like when i click on any date in salesforce standard calendar i want open pop up with visualforce page..

this functionaliy only in standard salesforce calendar not visualforce. just i want open visualforc as with new window from calendar.

If any body know please share with me.

Thanks in advance.

The only solution in my opinion is to override the standard new event button.
Create a VF with standard controller Event and then
Go to Setup / Customize / Activities / Event Buttons and Links and override standard new action by this VF. This will open this vf when you click on a caledndar date. However this does not solves your problem fully as you need it to be a popup. But that you can do in the VF itself. Open your desired popup from the Page and then forward current page to home page. Let me know if you need any help in the implementation.

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Thanks Akram..

this we tried but it does not solved my problem.

i need without disturbing new button.

This is the only possible solution IMO.
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Thanks akram...