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Paul Menheere 19Paul Menheere 19 

Upload package fails with an error

I'm trying to upload a new version of a beta package but am presented with an error.

483330937-1484 (-1117812399)
One of the most common issue is some uncompiled code. Go to Setup / Apex Classes / Compile all classes. If there is any issue with your existing classes you will get some error message. If this does not solves your issue let me know what kind of components are there in your package.

Gowkanapalli JanardhanreddyGowkanapalli Janardhanreddy
HI Akram,

am also trying to upload package amgetting error  same thing, but i complied  all classes once again   still am getting error.
Paul Menheere 10Paul Menheere 10
I my case it were some actions that weren't automatically added to the package and some references to a Profile name.