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raj kiranraj kiran 

lead convert record type unvailable

Hi All,

I am using an approval process  onlead ,with custom business lead status and recod types . once the approval of the lead record is done approval action will change the states,recod types to next users to approve.On the last step of the approval completion, its assoicated action will update the status to "authorised", recordtype  to "authorisedRC" and the owner changes to different profile users(say profileuserA).

The below error
"Record type unavailable
Cannot find default record type of the appropriate type. "
pops up during the covert button click of the "profileuserA" - current record owner. the same error goes for the admin also.

I have checked the profile setting for "profileuserA" for lead. As there are multiple recordtypes for custom lead status, we have made certain status and default page layout assignments to each profile involved in approval process such that the user will not be bothered about the record type while editing or while approving.

here profileuserA has the leadconvert app permission and also to the admin. however i am bit unclear with the recordtypes associated during and lead convert.

Any light on this error ?

This might help

raj kiranraj kiran
Hi balaji r,
Thanks for reply,
I think my situation is close to this workaround mention inthe below.